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Diets Be Crazy

As a person who likes fitting into the clothes I’ve bought without the use of pliers/loss of sanity, I watch what I eat. Unfortunately, the zillion dollar diet industry is constantly filling my head with complete and utter nonsense about what exactly it is that I should be eating. One second eggs are amazing for you and then this week some bozo is telling me that they’re as bad as cigarettes (cigarettes, I feel the need to point out, were seen as a diet aid for decades, sooooo….) Here are some of the egregious “truths” about food and dieting that are the reason that I usually just break down and ask for a side of bacon since we’re all just going to die eventually anyway.

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Well I Just Love This: Sh*t Guys Don’t Say

I (do not) secretly love the Sh*t People Say videos, and this one was excellent for a number of reasons. 1) It is (as most of them are) SO TRUE. 2) So hilarious. 3) Who’s the guy?! I’m serious. Someone tell me who he is. HE is standalone excellent.

This video shows the things that guys- excuse me, STRAIGHT guys- never say and was, of course, dead on. Guys DO never ask for directions! They NEVER ask if you want to be be Facebook official! Your dad DIDN’T actually like him! (Hint on that one: Your dad never will like or respect any guy. And he will remember them all. Especially the one who said he taught himself how to play the banjo. Because that is a thing dads do.)


PS: The day that some guy says “Let’s Go Dancing!” will be the day I marry that guy. …Or discover that they also like guys.

Jammy Jams: “National Anthem”

Lana Del Ray is blowing up, just as she should. The “Born to Die” video was a revelation, one of the few music videos I’ll actually watch the whole way through. I can’t wait for her entire new album, “Born To Die” (a phrase my ADD brain usually never says), and a new single leaked the other day that is an actual jam. “National Anthem” is a sexy, guitar stacked, modern answer to “Material Girl”. It seems a little more like a summer song, but I can still dig it for these winter months. Easy to sing along to, and while it’s slow, it will still be a party staple. Just wait till the electro DJs get their hands on this. So go ‘head, rock out to this one in your jammies, or whatever.