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Monday Morning Monbro: NOT UP IN HERE.

Ah, Thanksgiving. More on that blessed food/family guilt festival later, but this week is obviously a hectic one. I envision many people complaining about airports, their family, their vegan cousin who points out that they have nothing to eat and they’re FINE with that since Thanksgiving is essentially a killing rampage of epic proportion. But until then, the world is still turning, and there’s still news! I know! Even after the election, we still have things happening!


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Monday Morning MonBro: My Brain is Hanging Upside Down

First off: If I may, it was my mother’s birthday this weekend. I love her so much, she is amazing. She tells me I’m hilarious and I swear that the reason I am the way that I am is because once she saw a picture of Penelope Cruz and said, “I don’t get it, you’re prettier than her.” She was wrong, but that is what makes her the best mom ever. MOVING ON! What happened this weekend?

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Monday MonBRO: …So you’re telling me there’s a chance?

After a weekend in Germany, (in which I inadvertently joined an Asian tour group, among other things…) I come back to absolute chaos. Let’s break down the weekend, shall we? Good, grand, excellent: let’s go.

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Monday Morning MonBRO: GIF Party

Let’s get at some headlines from the weekend, shall we?

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