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Jammy Jam: Election Jams!

Before anyone gets too excited, no, this is not a Springsteen/Kid Rock festival of actual political commentary, but rather a small playlist commemorating which songs best fit which political figures in this election season. Feel free to post agree/disagree, but don’t forget: if you can’t say anything nice…you’re probably already an internet commenter and the point is moot. Jam on!

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Jammy Jam: “She’s So Mean”

Is Matchbox 20 part of your late 90’s nostalgia? Of course it was. And you may not have even been a fan, but you definitely remember all of the lyrics to at least one of their songs, because that’s the kind of band they are (“She says Baby, it’s 3 am I must be lonely..”) Well, Rob Thomas and company are back with a song about a batshit cray girl that they simply can’t resist. Since I am a girl who can lose her mind on occasion and be a “hot hot mess”, this song was extra amusing for me. It’s also super bouncy and danceable with is the usual criteria for a Jammy Jam. Get out your hairbrush mics and your grunge outfits, birches.

“She’s got a wicked sense of humor, can’t believe what she says. She drinks Bacardi in the morning till it goes to her head”



PS, If anyone knows where that neon bralette situation from the video is from: tell me. Tell me now.

Jammy Jam: “Push It”



Thursday Throwback with Salt n Pepa is IN EFFECT! Salt n Pepa kiiiiiiiind of killed it back in the day. They’re still fierce and getting it done, but this was the prime of their jammy jam-making period. This song is perfect for dancing around in your skivs with the hairbrush microphone. Am I saying I’ve done that? Well, what I’m saying is…you have no proof.


PS: The dance and huge gold Run DMC jewelry they’re wearing are hot fire. Someone bring back door knocker earrings, por favor.

I. Like. This.


I tend to enjoy the Con Bro Chill band musical stylings, and this is no exception. Now I am Power Happy.

Jammy Jam: Blake Griffinin’

If you need a new song to get you pumped up, this new song by wallpaper should do the trick. Do I know anything about Griffin’s stats in the NBA? No. I know he dunked over a car, and that completely exhausts my knowledge of his skillz on the court.The blogs are upset over the inaccuracies of the song, since Blake Griffin only averages 1-2 blocks a game, but I think they’re forgetting that this is a song, not his autobiography. I’ve liked Griffin for a while, especially during his short Funny or Die “internship” during the lockout. He is surprisingly funny! Listen to this song, and someone out there, please please please create the dance move that will be called “Griffinin'”

Jammy Jams: “Big Lights”

New kind of music post on the site: Jammy Jams. Songs you’re dancing around in your jammies to.

NEWEST JAMMY JAM! “Big Lights” by Sammy Adams. My love for him extends a couple of years back. I did an interview with him like 2 years ago (right after “Driving Me Crazy” came out) which went terribly wrong for 2 reasons. First reason, it was 4/20, something I did not forsee affecting an interview. Second: I was the worst interviewer ever. It was a complete disaster, one of the first interviews I’ve ever done. I was about one awkward pause away from asking him his favorite color. It’s somewhere on College Candy if you care to search for it.

Moving on: Sam Adams released his pre-album December 31st, and while there were many songs that are Jammy Jams material, “Big Lights” stood out, because it’s a party song with a sound electronic pulse. I personally life it when he sings on a track, not just rapping, but that’s just me. I also have “Driving Me Crazy” as my ringtone still, so take with that what you will. Ladies and gents, I present: “Big Lights”