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Marry Me: Chandler Parsons

I was going to let the blog go a little bit this week, citing “culture shock” in England, but then someone called me out when he found out I had managed to find “The Big Bang Theory” on British TV, instead of deciding my next possible life partner. SO! BACK TO BUSINESS!

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Jammy Jam: Blake Griffinin’

If you need a new song to get you pumped up, this new song by wallpaper should do the trick. Do I know anything about Griffin’s stats in the NBA? No. I know he dunked over a car, and that completely exhausts my knowledge of his skillz on the court.The blogs are upset over the inaccuracies of the song, since Blake Griffin only averages 1-2 blocks a game, but I think they’re forgetting that this is a song, not his autobiography. I’ve liked Griffin for a while, especially during his short Funny or Die “internship” during the lockout. He is surprisingly funny! Listen to this song, and someone out there, please please please create the dance move that will be called “Griffinin'”