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“Were You Listening to Call Me Maybe?”

This is real: today my mom texted me asking if I’d heard the song “Call Me Maybe”, since she’s decided it’s her “new Spring jam”. Friend of the site Pat filmed a sketch that basically nails exactly how everyone feels about this catchy song that has been stuck in everyone’s head for weeks. When I saw it, I had two thoughts.

1) Quite funny. His roommate’s over-touching stole the show in the best way.


Watch Pat’s newest video after the jump!

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Kewl Beans: Bros vs Hipsters

In my recent vein of posting videos by boys who I think are excellent, here’s a video Pat Stansik made! The general idea is that it highlights (in a hilarious fashion) the age-old conflict between bros and hipsters, who have long been at war. This video was directed by Pat, and his fingerprints are all over it (Bucknell lax hat, Pioneer reversible, gym protein shake bottle thing, Gym Tan Lax tank, etc. As if we wouldn’t notice. C’mon now.) That is so classic Pat, highlighting the important social issues that tear our society apart. He’s like Nelson Mandela but with shark bowls and tank tops.

Unless this video was about the ongoing war between the two groups that will most likely never be resolved, and I missed the whole point. Decide for yourself! Watch it now! After the jump!

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