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What the What Happened with Kanye Yesterday?!

So last night, Kanye West went on a Twitter rampage that had everyone…atwitter.

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Jammy Jams: “Big Lights”

New kind of music post on the site: Jammy Jams. Songs you’re dancing around in your jammies to.

NEWEST JAMMY JAM! “Big Lights” by Sammy Adams. My love for him extends a couple of years back. I did an interview with him like 2 years ago (right after “Driving Me Crazy” came out) which went terribly wrong for 2 reasons. First reason, it was 4/20, something I did not forsee affecting an interview. Second: I was the worst interviewer ever. It was a complete disaster, one of the first interviews I’ve ever done. I was about one awkward pause away from asking him his favorite color. It’s somewhere on College Candy if you care to search for it.

Moving on: Sam Adams released his pre-album December 31st, and while there were many songs that are Jammy Jams material, “Big Lights” stood out, because it’s a party song with a sound electronic pulse. I personally life it when he sings on a track, not just rapping, but that’s just me. I also have “Driving Me Crazy” as my ringtone still, so take with that what you will. Ladies and gents, I present: “Big Lights”