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Jammy Jam: Warrior

Converse has been doing this thing called 3 Artist, 1 song and holy mother my brain exploded when I found this one. A-Trak has always been a favorite (have seen him live once or twice, did not disappoint), and I think we all know how I feel about Mark Foster (om nom nom). Kimbra is also pretty badass, and riding a pretty sweet wave since “Somebody I Used to Know”, which I think she killed it on. This song has elements of each artist, since you could totally picture Foster the People playing it, A-Trak DJing it and Kimbra’s vocals on it are straight up on point. Pump up this jammy jam and get to dancing!





The NY Rangers Sing ‘This Is How We Do It’. In Love.

Playoff season, birches! Spring has sprung, the ice is melting, and the New York Rangers are about to take on the Ottowa Senators in round one. They’ve been featured in ‘Marry Me’ this season, and I assume that is how they got this far (seeded at #1. It’s whatever.). Video below!

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I Think A Little Bohemian Rhapsody, Gentlemen

My dad introduced us as children to Wayne’s World and Queen albums, so I imagine he’s actually pretty pumped that this wasn’t me or any of my siblings:

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Slow Jammy Jam: Shadow Days

I was a freshman in college right around the time that John Mayer went batshit insane and lost his mind, telling everyone in the media every single detail of his sex life and beyond. Even among close friends, there comes a time when that kind of oversharing becomes uncomfortable and suddenly one of you has to yell, “Oh my god, whateveryourfriendsnameis. THIS ISN’T SEX AND THE CITY. WE HAVE OTHER THINGS GOING ON. WE. DON’T. CARE.” Fortunately, that time eventually came for John Mayer, and he kind of faded into the distance. Did this complete breakdown make me stop listening to his music? No. His cover of my absolute favorite song of all time, “Free Falling” haunts me. So I was actually so happy to see that he’s been using this break from being the most famous jerk in existence to make beautiful music. This is just one of those songs that makes me want to be slow dancing barefoot with someone. That’s so weird, but it’s totally true. Anyway, I really do hope his shadow days are over and he goes back to writing songs that are soulful and metaphors for my life.

Post-Christmas Cheer: The Blackhawks Sing-Along!

My friend’s boyfriend sent her this, since he is an actual fan of the Blackhawks and we are fans of the players (most notably a Mr. Sharp and a Mr. Kane). They are so adorable, but holy goodnight they are horrendous singers. To be fair though… we don’t love them for their singing voices. If this doesn’t melt your heart and make you at least chuckle, you are a grinch to end them all. Czech it out after the jump!

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