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Monday Morning Monbro: NOT UP IN HERE.

Ah, Thanksgiving. More on that blessed food/family guilt festival later, but this week is obviously a hectic one. I envision many people complaining about airports, their family, their vegan cousin who points out that they have nothing to eat and they’re FINE with that since Thanksgiving is essentially a killing rampage of epic proportion. But until then, the world is still turning, and there’s still news! I know! Even after the election, we still have things happening!


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18 is NOT A “Grown Man”, Taylor Swift

While “We Are Never Getting Back Together” is the catchiest song since “Call Me Maybe”, I take huge exception to this quote in Rolling Stone by Taylor Swift: “You can’t kidnap a grown man!” While this is a true, bordering on obvious cops statement, let me put that in context: She was talking about her 18 year old boyfriend, Conor Kennedy. 18. He’s 18 years old. That is in no way a grown man. Take this journey with me…

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