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Weddings Are A Trap

I went to my friend’s sister’s wedding this past weekend (who just so happens to be my friend, too. Lurve you Amanda!) And I came to this conclusion: Weddings are a trap. They’re held in a beautiful place, the bar is open, you get to wear beautiful dresses, and there’s all night dancing, and once the cool friends start doing it, EVERYONE’S going to want to start. I’m on to your tricks, weddings.

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More Bad Babe Advice

Fun response to my advice from last time, so here’s more. And keep in mind when reading it: I frequently can’t find my shoes and most of my cooking involves bacon and steak. I’m a heart attack waiting to happen. So please take this with a grain of salt.Even I don’t listen to half of these things…

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Great, Now I’m Crying

I promised myself this Valentine’s Day I wouldn’t cry, but then I saw this on Buzzfeed and I just could not stop myself from tearing up. Following his 1st place win in the 100 meter at the Missouri Grand Prix, Olympic swimmer Matt Grevers got down on one knee to propose to longtime girlfriend Annie Chandler. Adorable proposal videos and surprise soldier homecomings will make me tear up 11 times out of 10, and with it being Valentine’s Day…my allergies began to act up a little. It’s all this London dust…

So, this guy would HANDS DOWN be this week’s Marry Me if the whole reason behind that honor wasn’t the fact that he proposed in the cutest way possible to his girlfriend. He is beautiful, and clearly madly in love with this girl, so all I have to say is Mazel Tov and Annie Chandler, you are a lucky, lucky betch.