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Cheerio! Bad Birch Advice Pt. 3

Let’s get after it. By now y’all know the drill. I’m giving completely unsolicited advice that I probably wouldn’t take myself, despite it being damn good. My qualifications: none. I can’t keep houseplants alive and I sometimes have to make pinneys work as real shirts when I’m behind on laundry. In keeping with the theme of the blog this week, most of it is British-themed. Onward ho!

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Dom Mazzetti vs. Study Abroad

Oh my. This is perfection. So amazing and spot on, I don’t even know where to begin. Dom and Gian take on Europe like bulls in a china shop. They talk disco naps, tour guides, space cakes, wifi passwords, losing debit cards, getting Vodafones stolen, the whole shebang. Perfection. AMAWESOME.



I’ve watched it like 4 times. I can’t stop. It’s perfect.