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Jammy Jam: Election Jams!

Before anyone gets too excited, no, this is not a Springsteen/Kid Rock festival of actual political commentary, but rather a small playlist commemorating which songs best fit which political figures in this election season. Feel free to post agree/disagree, but don’t forget: if you can’t say anything nice…you’re probably already an internet commenter and the point is moot. Jam on!

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Jammy Jam: “Emily”

Sometimes, you just need to actually jammy jam out to the originals. I remember when ‘We Are Golden’ came out and I blasted this song so loud that my parents’ neighbors probably still remember the lyrics. Plus, I tend to think that every single Mika song is about my life and this one is no different. A tempestuous girl who barely listens to advice? Moi. However, it’s been MONTHS since I’ve screamed at anyone in French.

(PS: This song is from Mika’s new Origin of Love album and I highly recommend getting the whole album. But only if you like amazing music to which you can’t stop dancing.)

Jammy Jam: “She’s So Mean”

Is Matchbox 20 part of your late 90’s nostalgia? Of course it was. And you may not have even been a fan, but you definitely remember all of the lyrics to at least one of their songs, because that’s the kind of band they are (“She says Baby, it’s 3 am I must be lonely..”) Well, Rob Thomas and company are back with a song about a batshit cray girl that they simply can’t resist. Since I am a girl who can lose her mind on occasion and be a “hot hot mess”, this song was extra amusing for me. It’s also super bouncy and danceable with is the usual criteria for a Jammy Jam. Get out your hairbrush mics and your grunge outfits, birches.

“She’s got a wicked sense of humor, can’t believe what she says. She drinks Bacardi in the morning till it goes to her head”



PS, If anyone knows where that neon bralette situation from the video is from: tell me. Tell me now.

Jammy Jam: “Push It”



Thursday Throwback with Salt n Pepa is IN EFFECT! Salt n Pepa kiiiiiiiind of killed it back in the day. They’re still fierce and getting it done, but this was the prime of their jammy jam-making period. This song is perfect for dancing around in your skivs with the hairbrush microphone. Am I saying I’ve done that? Well, what I’m saying is…you have no proof.


PS: The dance and huge gold Run DMC jewelry they’re wearing are hot fire. Someone bring back door knocker earrings, por favor.

Jammy Jam: Are You That Somebody That I Used to Know?


Long title, actual jam, brought to us by the beautiful birch Caroline! That song that was stuck in your head all spring long and the haunting voice of Aaliyah mashed up in one. Wooo! Jam jam, dance parties, etc.

Jammy Jam: Heart Vacancy (DJs from Mars Remix)

This is a remix of a song by The Wanted. They are (yet another) British boy band with, for some reason, impeccable eyebrows. This remix was actually on a mixtape presented by Lacrosse Playground about a year and a half ago, but 2 weeks ago it came up on my iPod and I listened to it maybe 41 times in a row. Super catchy tune about letting a new significant other into your cold stone heart. So, here it is. Boy bands. Transformed by DJs. Again.

(PS: The only song of The Wanted’s that you all may know is posted below and ONLY because it reminds me of someone, so I listened to it yesterday…and now it’s stuck in my head. Don’t you hate that?)

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Jammy Jam: Warrior

Converse has been doing this thing called 3 Artist, 1 song and holy mother my brain exploded when I found this one. A-Trak has always been a favorite (have seen him live once or twice, did not disappoint), and I think we all know how I feel about Mark Foster (om nom nom). Kimbra is also pretty badass, and riding a pretty sweet wave since “Somebody I Used to Know”, which I think she killed it on. This song has elements of each artist, since you could totally picture Foster the People playing it, A-Trak DJing it and Kimbra’s vocals on it are straight up on point. Pump up this jammy jam and get to dancing!




Jammy Jam: “No Interruption”

New Hoodie Allen hotness, and as usual I’m already for real jamming out to it. It’s times like these I’m glad there’s no CCTV in my kitchen/living room, where all of my home dancing happens. Workaholics reference, catchy hook, girls in sparkly dresses in the video: all things I heart, and all part of this new song/video. Start jam jam jamming out to it right now. In fact, play it over and over again on a loop: no interruption.


Can’t WAIT for All American, out April 10th (making me all homesick and junk).




Jammy Jam: Wild Blood

Very simply, this song is Summer. When I hear this song (recently released by excellent band Lovedrug), I think of bathing suits, jean shorts, sunscreen, driving with windows open and happy sunburns. It’s a little reminiscent of old Dashboard Confessional, do you think? Be young, be happy, and now I’m counting the days down until beach days are back again.

Slow Jammy Jam: Shadow Days

I was a freshman in college right around the time that John Mayer went batshit insane and lost his mind, telling everyone in the media every single detail of his sex life and beyond. Even among close friends, there comes a time when that kind of oversharing becomes uncomfortable and suddenly one of you has to yell, “Oh my god, whateveryourfriendsnameis. THIS ISN’T SEX AND THE CITY. WE HAVE OTHER THINGS GOING ON. WE. DON’T. CARE.” Fortunately, that time eventually came for John Mayer, and he kind of faded into the distance. Did this complete breakdown make me stop listening to his music? No. His cover of my absolute favorite song of all time, “Free Falling” haunts me. So I was actually so happy to see that he’s been using this break from being the most famous jerk in existence to make beautiful music. This is just one of those songs that makes me want to be slow dancing barefoot with someone. That’s so weird, but it’s totally true. Anyway, I really do hope his shadow days are over and he goes back to writing songs that are soulful and metaphors for my life.